Experience the Delights of Orange Cuisine at D Sweet Ambiance - Catering, Bar Services, Event Planning, and More

D Sweet Ambiance of Orange Cuisine

Welcome to D Sweet Ambiance of Orange Cuisine! We are a restaurant and bar that specializes in providing delicious Orange cuisine and top-notch catering services for events, special occasions, and private events.

We also offer bar services for your events, and we’re happy to help plan and promote your event as well. In addition to our restaurant and catering services, we also import various food-based items and products, which are available for purchase at our establishment.

  • Restaurant and Bar services
  • Catering services
  • Selling various items created by me e.g.: Sauces, juices, recipe books, seasonings, food items and products used by my establishment etc.
  • Delivery services

Refresh Your Palate with Our 100% Fresh Squeezed Juices

We customize to suit your health requirements.
all natural ingredients


Call/WhatsApp: +1 868 480-1074 / 868 748-1850

Email: / or

Address: Online Business

Payment Info

The bank account for D Sweet Ambiance of Orange Cuisine is a dedicated business account under the name of Canalia Martin. The account number is 7020680401 and is held with JMMB. 

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