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Welcome to our school, where education is at the forefront of everything we do. We offer a comprehensive range of services, starting with our DayCare program for the youngest learners. Our Pre-school program is designed to introduce children to the joys of learning in a safe and nurturing environment. As students progress, our primary and secondary education programs provide a solid foundation for academic success. We also offer a wide range of courses and workshops to help students explore their passions and develop new skills. Our classes are available both online and in-person, giving students the flexibility to learn at their own pace and in a format that works best for them. Join us today and discover the many opportunities for growth and development that our school has to offer.

The Orange Hummingbird Progressive Circle

  • Physical Schooling
  • Homeschooling
  • Online schooling
  • Day-care services
  • Pre-school, primary and secondary schooling
  • Courses and Trades offered
  • Lessons services

Uniforms, books and learning materials are provided for all professional courses and for students these materials are purchased from the Institute. Books are customized to suit the needs of the individual/Child.


Call/WhatsApp: +1 868 480-1074

Email: intelligentnetworkingdcta323@gmail.com/orangehummingbird075@gmail.com

Address: Online/Homeschooling

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Unit Trust Account Name: Canalia Bashemath Martin

Account Number: 0004859278.

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